• Summit of Counts with Pd and M5S. Delrio: "Step forward". Marcucci: "We need clarification"
  • Government. Grillo's appeal on the agreement between the M5S and Pd: "A unique opportunity"
  • Salvini: it is a government fraud, to the Italians the legitimate defense
  • Count at the Quirinale da Mattarella. Then to Palazzo Chigi for vertex Pd-M5S
  • Government, Di Maio: "Our points are in the program or better vote"
  • Conte receives the assignment: "He will be executive in the name of novelty". Consultations with parties
  • Government, Patuanelli: "M5S is monolith, the crisis has regrouped us"
  • Salvini: "A robbery of democracy is underway. The 19th October demonstration, day of pride"
  • Zingaretti: "Support for initiative for new majority"
  • Consultations, Berlusconi: "Restoring the word to the Italians, a dangerous scenario is emerging"


01 September 2019

Negotiations between the M5s and Pd take off on the program of the new government led by Conte. And today a new summit could be held between premier, Di Maio and Zingaretti to dissolve the vice node. Meanwhile Grillo pushes for the understanding: "We have a unique opportunity; it is enough to talk about places and points, we compact our thoughts". Zingaretti welcomes the invitation: "Never say never: we change everything and respect each other". Salvini instead appeals to Mattarella for a "coherent government" and attacks: "In Rome there is a cow market that sucks". Salvini is once again attacking the Democratic Party: 'say if he wants to reopen the ports and restart the illegal immigration business, tell the Italians'.

Marcucci: "We will find a role for Di Maio"
Luigi Di Maio insists on being deputy premier in the new M5s-Pd government? "There is a political fact, I am aware of it". "If this is the rock, we need to find a solution, with responsibility," says the leader of the Senate Senator Andrea Marcucci in an interview with the Messenger. "It is not up to me to decide," he added. Marcucci soon hopes for a political summit with three Counts-Di Maio-Zingaretti, to untie the knots. "I hope there will be soon - he said - It will be fundamental".

Renzi: "If government does not support GDP it will not have our support"
Matteo Renzi has warned that he will not support a PD-M5s government that wants to hit companies rather than commit to growing GDP. "You have nothing to fear from a government that is born to avoid the increase in VAT and that lowers the spread," said the former prime minister, addressing the world of production in an interview with the Sole 24 Ore, "but if anyone he wanted to hurt, you know he won't have the numbers in Parliament ".

"Italy risks big"
"Italy risks a lot," Senator Dem warned, "Boris Johnson's Brexit will be a disaster for both the UK and Europe. The German slowdown will slow growth even in our North East. And in our house the GDP fluctuates between zero and negative, it is a delicate passage, it is time to finish it with the little theater of games: today there is a dividing line ". "On the one hand, those who want the good of Italy accept the compromise and make the Government", Renzi hopes, "on the other, those who think only of party interests continue to ask for 'Elections' knowing that they would be a disaster for our economy ". "Salvini is aiming for elections because of unfortunate interest, but Parliament is not his butler: there are rules and they must be respected. We go to vote when the Constitution says it, not when Instagram says so. Because serving institutions is a seriously, it is not wearing the police sweatshirt. "

Grillo's appeal: "Unique opportunity"
Yesterday to shake the debate came a video intervention by Beppe Grillo somewhat harshly entitled: "I'm exhausted!". A stinging intervention at Beppe Grillo, which however is also an exhortation for both the M5S and the Democratic Party to realize what they are experiencing and the political opportunity that lies ahead. The founder of the M5S talks about global scenarios, calling for a broader view of the daily horizon. Reason of urban planning, transport, technology and then part with the lunge: "This pain I see ... this lack of humor, fun and even euphoria" and urges: "You have to sit at a table and be euphoric because it belongs to this extraordinary moment of change "underlining:" We have to design the world, instead we embrace each other, to talk about ladders, counter-stairs ... The place, I give it to whom ... the 10 points, the 20 points ... " . With vehemence Grillo says: "Enough, enough, I turn to the Democratic Party, to the base, to the boys of the Pd. You will be happy, this is your moment, we have a unique opportunity, my God, unique. And then we try to regroup the thoughts, to dream for a moment at ten with the vision ". "I want euphoria, I want to feel sympathizers, I want you to understand that this is an extraordinary nation with wonderful people, that maybe it is there in a corner and it is not understood". Urging again "We have an immense offer of technology, we must decide what kind of society we want" says Beppe Grillo in the video recorded at his home in Genoa and published on his blog. "Instead - he notes - we make stupid discussions." "Really - question - we are not aware of the extraordinary historical moment that is this, what is there to redesign the world?". Grillo warns that "politics must choose which path to take" while "we get lost in this stuff here that you can't understand ...". "Enough, I'm exhausted" and closes the connection but the message has left.

The shore of Zingaretti
Immediate response from Nicola Zingaretti, secretary of the Democratic Party via Twitter to what has been said and criticized by Grillo: "Dear Beppe Grillo, never say never in life. Let's change everything and respect each other".

Dear @beppe_grillo, never say never in life. Let's change everything and respect each other

- Nicola Zingaretti (@nzingaretti) August 31, 2019

M5S: "Move forward in the right direction"
Yesterday another long day of negotiations, after the unexpected visit of the prime minister appointed to the Quirinale. Since the meeting of the M5S delegation with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, "steps forward in the right direction" have been recorded, leaked from 5-star sources. "The M5S has obtained: just new incinerators, stop new concessions on drills, revision of motorway concessions, parliamentary cuts in the first calendar useful to the chamber, fight against illegal immigration to crime and tax evasion".

Pd sources: accepted most of our proposals
In the meeting between the Pd delegation, that M5s and the prime minister in charge, "most of the Democratic Party's proposals, from the cutting of the tax wedge in favor of workers, from a new law on the immigration, by blocking the increase in VAT and the immediate release of infrastructure ".

Parliamentary sources: "Positive climate summit"
"Let's move on, let's keep up to date". Thus Giuseppe Conte, who took stock with the PD-M5S delegations: a meeting, parliamentary sources reveal, held in a "positive" climate. The prime minister in charge deepened the work by 'combining' the two documents with which the dem and pentastellati group leaders had presented consultations to the Chamber with the same prime minister in charge. "The points in common are there, they must be deepened, the work goes on," explain the same sources. Conte would have leaked a certain optimism about the possibility of intervening positively on the questions that arose after the tough stance taken by Luigi Di Maio.

Salvini, meanwhile: "It is a government-fraud, to the Italians the legitimate defense" . And return to invoke the vote. In Mattarella: a coherent government is still possible.