Caroline Persenaire from South Holland, who is leaving the Forum for Democracy (FVD), is joining Henk Otten's group. More than a week ago a member of the States in Flevoland did the same.

Persenaire informed via Twitter that she is leaving FVD. "Tomorrow I will inform the King's Commissioner in South Holland about this", says Persenaire.

I hereby confirm this message. Tomorrow I will inform the King's Commissioner in South Holland about this. I have just terminated my #FVD membership.

Avatar Authorcaroline_persMoment of places16: 10 - September 1, 2019

With this step FVD goes back to ten members of the States in South Holland and is therefore no longer the largest party. The VVD also has ten States members in South Holland.

Otten expelled on suspicion of fraud

Forum for Democracy announced in July that Otten would be expelled from the party. He is suspected by the party of fraud with subsidy money. This would have been apparent from an internal investigation into the party administration in 2018. However, the FVD accountant and the Ministry of the Interior contradict that fraud had occurred.

An internal investigation was initiated following the FVD financial statements for 2018. Financial irregularities came to the fore when they were drawn up. According to the internal investigation, Otten used party funds for an "unauthorized payment" to a relationship on the basis of a false invoice. He has repaid that amount.

That was a sufficient reason for Forum for Democracy to expel him as a party member. Although Baudet also threatened to make a declaration, it has not happened so far.

According to Otten, there is no fraud, but Baudet's accusations are a way to get rid of him after he criticized Baudet's right-wing, alt-right course in an interview with NRC in April.