The project has been a summer venture and part of Open art kids, with an open creator workshop and urban cultivation in central Örebro.

- You could come here to sow a seed or build an insect hotel, but also try to hammer, carpenter and saw. Many of the children have built huts, it has been very popular to build their own play environment, says Anna-Karin Wulgué.

"This is something else"

Around 2,300 people have come to the building game when it was open this summer, but the place has also been available and popular even outside opening hours. Anna-Karin Wulgué believes that the project has become popular, thanks in part to the format.

- It is not new but something that has come back, that you can join and create. Playgrounds often look the same, but this is something else, she says.

Two more months left

The build has been part of Open Art, which will be completed this weekend. However, the actual build and its contents will remain until the end of October.

- Then we will gather everything together and hope it will return to another place in Örebro next summer, says Anna-Karin Wulgué.