• Symbolic salary for Jack Dorsey: the CEO of Twitter receives a fee of 140 cents


31 August 2019
The haccker attack on the Dorsey co-founded platform account lasted about an hour before Twitter ran for cover, but in the meantime the news had already been around the world. How was this possible? A security flaw: the phone number associated with the account has been breached via mobile phone provider used by Dorsey.
"This allowed an unauthorized person to compose and send messages via SMS from the phone number. This problem has been resolved," said Twitter, adding that there is no indication that the company's security systems have been compromised.
The account appears restored now:

We are committing Twitter to help increasing the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation, and to hold ourselves publicly accountable towards progress.

- jack 🌍🌏🌎 (@jack) March 1, 2018

Racist tweets, security at risk
Tweets sent by hacker hackers had embarrassing statements (Hitler was innocent), others contained contemptuous comments about black and Jewish people, yet another suggested putting a bomb in Twitter's headquarters. The attack on Twitter number one highlighted the potential vulnerabilities of the social platform, widely used by world and political leaders, including, very often, US President Donald Trump. A group signing Chuckling Squad has claimed the hacker attack.

Removed after an hour
Offensive tweets and retweets were canceled less than an hour after the incident. From the analysis of the screens, it appears that the messages were sent via Cloudhopper, a mobile text messaging service acquired by Twitter in 2010, but the company did not confirm the news. According to security researcher Brian Krebs, quoted by AP, Dorsey was the victim of a SIM card exchange, where mobile operators are tricked into transferring the phone number to a SIM card controlled by someone else.
Friday's incident was not the first time Dorsey's Twitter account was hacked. His account was compromised in 2016 by a group that also violated the Google CEO's Twitter accounts, Sundar Pichai and Facebook's, Mark Zuckerberg.