Yemen “Civil battle in the civil war” is expanding the crisis August 31 7:01

In Yemen in the Middle East, where the civil war continues, the armed forces that retreated from the administration side seized the major cities in August, but the administration side set out attacks to recapture the situation, and the situation is becoming more serious. Concerns about becoming more widespread.

In Yemen, the Hadi administration supported by Saudi Arabia and others, the anti-government forces supported by Iran, and the civil wars by the Hoosians have continued for more than four years.

However, in August, the armed forces called the “Southern Interim Council”, which suddenly left the government, seized Aden, the main city of the government, and battles continued with the government that aimed to recapture. It was.

And from 28th to 29th, battles intensified, and according to local medical institutions, at least 10 people died and many were injured.

With regard to this armed force, the situation has become even more complicated, with UAE, the United Arab Emirates, which has kept pace with Saudi Arabia in the civil war of Yemen so far, bombing the administration side.

In Yemen, the division of the administration has developed into a situation called “the civil war in the civil war”, and there are growing concerns about the lengthening and intensification of the battle.