Every country that offers aid to Iranian tanker Adrian Darya 1 risks sanctions from the United States. The Americans have blacklisted both the ship and the captain of the oil tanker for "financing malicious activities of the Iranian regime."

The ship sails near Turkey after Greece previously announced that the oil tanker could not use its port services. That decision followed a threat from the US, which pointed to possible sanctions if the European hand did reach out. It is unclear what the final destination of the ship is now.

The Iranian tanker was on the chain near Gibraltar, because it would transport crude oil to Syria and thereby violate European sanctions. After Iran promised that it would not sail to Syria, it was released, despite a statement by an American judge that the ship wanted to see the chain again.

The US is angry that the ship has been released. Washington has already warned ports, banks and other authorities not to do business with the ship or its crew on pain of American sanctions.

Americans link Adrian Darya 1 to a terrorist organization

According to the Americans, the ship could be linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), which the US regards as a terrorist organization. According to the Iranian state news agency ILNA, the ship was produced in South Korea, officially from Russia, and is currently being rented by an Iranian shipping company.

Experts view the Iranian denial with skepticism. The IRGC is not only a powerful military organization in Iran, but also has great economic influence. Researchers estimate that up to a third of the Iranian economy is in the hands of the IRGC or its leaders.

The army branch, which is only directly accountable to great Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has particular interests in the gas and petrochemical industries.


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