In 2017, during a police arrest in Aulnay-sous-Bois, Theo Luhaka was seriously wounded by a baton in the rectal area. Four police officers were indicted, including one for rape.

Theo Luhaka, seriously injured in 2017 during a police arrest in Aulnay-sous-Bois, presents "a permanent disability", according to medical expertise that could pave the way for a trial at the assizes, was learned Friday of concordant sources, confirming information from the Parisian .

On February 2, 2017, this young man had been seriously wounded by a baton at the rectal area, during an arrest in the city of 3,000 in Seine-Saint-Denis. Four police officers were indicted, including one for "rape".

Theo "suffered irreversible harm", according to his lawyer

"He has been the victim of irreversible harm and now it is a question of whether it is rape or violence in meetings that has resulted in permanent harm," said his lawyer Antoine Vey.

According to the expert report cited by the Parisian , Théo suffered from "no antecedent" and "sphincteric lesions are therefore in certain and direct relationship" with his arrest. He suffers from "active incontinence (...) One can obtain an improvement of the symptoms by the medical treatment (...) but this care is necessary for life".

Towards a trial on the assizes?

The case is still under investigation at Bobigny. Opposing parties may request a second opinion. If at the end of the investigation, Theo is recognized a permanent disability, the case could be judged assizes even if the qualification of rape was ultimately not retained for lack of evidence proving the intentionality of the gesture.

Having become a symbol of "police violence" since the affair with national resonance, Theo Luhaka "is not well at all," says his lawyer. "He suffered humiliating facts, people send him a very complicated picture, he had trouble managing the media exposure."

The young man was indicted in September 2018 in a fraud case involving an association run by one of his brothers, Mickael Luhaka. "I made management mistakes, I wanted to make a project too big for me," he had justified in February at the launch of its association "New departure, the Phoenix", for young people neighborhoods of Ile-de-France. This plan includes helping young people to train.