Taiwan presidential election “charisma manager” to the final decision near the candidacy August 30 20:32

In preparation for next year's presidential election in Taiwan, it is clear that Mr. Guo Tai, who is known as a charismatic manager in Taiwan, will make a final decision as to whether he will run as a candidate soon. .

In the next presidential election in Taiwan next January, the current president, Choi Eun-bung, will be run by the ruling and democratic parties, and the mayor of Korea ’s Kashiwa City mayor from the largest opposition and national parties. It is.

Under these circumstances, Guo Tai Mei's office, one of Taiwan's leading companies, founded by Hong Hai Precision Industry, which acquired Sharp in Japan and is known as a charismatic manager, was told by the reporter on 30th. It was revealed that the final decision will be made by 17th of next month whether to run for presidential election.

Mr. Guo was trying to select a candidate for the National Party, but he lost his election at the party election last month, and then seeks a candidate for no affiliation, aiming to create a third force.

For the presidential election, Mr. Han, who was selected as a candidate for the Nationalist Party, lowered his approval rate due to a series of disagreements. And if you run for candidacy, it will attract a lot of attention as it will have a big impact on your election.