When SD leader Jimmie Åkesson held his traditional summer speech in Sölvesborg last Saturday, he mentioned the electricity shortage in Ystad.

"In Ystad, the local electricity supplier has asked its customers not to brew coffee between 8 and 10 because there is a shortage of power," Åkesson said. A statement that Ystad Energi is now asking.

- I don't know where he got it from, but that's not true. We have never said it and would never say it either, says Jessica Fredson, CEO of Ystad Energi.

According to Jessica Fredson, Ystad may suffer acute electricity shortages during the winter.

- During the winter it will be tough. I know I mentioned that most energy is consumed during the morning, but we have never asked anyone not to consume energy then, ”she says.


See Jimmie Åkesson talk about the electricity shortage in Ystad in his summer. Photo: TT

Heard from another party

When SVT contacts the Swedish Democrats, they reply by e-mail that Jimmie Åkesson has heard this from a speech in Parliament:

“Jimmie Åkesson refers to a speech that the moderate MP Lotta Olsson held on May 8 in Parliament. In the speech, Lotta points out that local electricity suppliers should preferably not boil the coffee between 8 and 10 because there is a lack of power, ”writes the Swedish Democrats.

SVT has listened to the statement in Parliament on May 8 when MP Lotta Olsson (M) said:

"In Ystad, for example, there you have now been urged that you should preferably not boil coffee from the local electricity supplier, that you should preferably not boil coffee between 8 and 10 because then there is a shortage of power."

Wanted to point out a dilemma

SVT has tried to find out the background to the claim and reaches Lotta Olsson (M) on Friday:

What did you get this job from?

- This I have received from colleagues in Skåne, and I do not know what to say more about it now.

Which colleagues were they?

- I don't want to point out any specific. This was something that came to life in Skåne.

But does Ystad Energi reject the task?

- If Ystad Energi does not think it is a problem, it must stand for them. My intention was to point to the power problems that exist. In Skåne, it is more difficult to produce and distribute electricity compared to other parts of the country. This was an example of a power problem in Skåne when everyone turns on the power at the same time, MPs Lotta Olsson (M) told SVT.