Henk Otten reports Friday against his former party Forum for Democracy (FVD). He wants the Public Prosecution Service (OM) to investigate whether there is libel, defamation and defamatory indictment, he informs NU.nl on Friday.

"My name needs to be cleared," says Otten. The research is likely to focus on party leader and board member Thierry Baudet, Rob Rooken (board member) and Paul Fentrop (advisor). Exactly who is involved must now investigate justice, Otten emphasizes.

If individuals are found guilty, fines and imprisonment of up to two years can be imposed.

Otten has engaged law firm Wladimiroff Advocaten from The Hague.

Otten: 'Flut report only to damage me'

Smaad (the deliberate damage to someone's good name) and slander (the deliberate lying to damage someone) relate to the internal investigation report on FVD that Otten had drawn up. It states, among other things, that Otten was fraudulent with subsidies; on that basis he was expelled from the party at the end of July.

"That research was not done in any professional way. There was no question," says Otten. Baudet rejected an independent, external investigation into the party's accounting. Otten argued for that.

"This flut report was only made to harm me. I have been working in the financial world for almost thirty years. You work there on the basis of trust. I am also still a member of the Senate and I am chairman of the financial committee. I just want to pick up that work again. "

Baudet threatened to report, but decided not to

Because FVD has forwarded the investigation to the Ministry of the Interior, Otten also accuses the party of defamatory charges. That is the case when someone intentionally submits a false complaint or declaration to the government to damage someone.

FVD was forced to report the possible subsidy fraud to the ministry, but the Ministry of the Interior already said that there was no fraud.

Baudet also initially threatened to report against Otten, but came back to that later. You don't make much progress with it, it takes endless hours and it costs a lot of money, he said via Twitter at the time.

In 2018, Baudet still filed a complaint against Minister Kajsa Ollongren (Home Affairs) for libel and defamation, but the OM could not find any criminal offenses.

PS for those who hope to file a declaration: you don't get along that much (although it still remains a possibility). It takes endless times (if anything is done with it at all), costs a lot of money, gives #zetelrovers a stage and the money does not come back with it. We prefer to look ahead.

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New chapter in quarrel Otten and Baudet

The declaration is a new chapter in the dispute between Baudet and Otten. They founded FVD together and have worked closely together ever since. The party entered the Lower House with two seats in 2017 and this year even became the largest in the Upper Chamber via the Provincial Council elections.

Otten would initially even become a party leader in the senate. Together they would go against old politics, was their idea. But the world looks completely different a few months later. "I am not calling myself a fraud," says Otten now. "I worked hard for three years for that club and got Baudet where he is now."

Otten could no longer agree with "boreal talks" by Baudet, who, according to him, flirts with extreme right-wing ideas. "I tried to push Baudet over and over to the political center, but there was no stopping it. Baudet is radicalized. I don't want to ruin my reputation."


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