Hong Kong 31st “Umbrella Campaign” leaders arrested before large-scale demonstration on 31st August 12:25

Leader of the protest “Umbrella Movement” five years ago in Hong Kong, where protests continue over protests over the proposed amendments to the ordinance that will allow suspects to be handed over to mainland China They were successively detained by the police.

According to the democratic group “Hong Kong Shuji”, on the morning of the 30th, Mr. Huang Yuan, who led the protest “Umbrella Movement” seeking democratic elections in Hong Kong on the morning of the group, headed to the subway station It means that you were detained by the police.

In addition, Mr. Shuniwa, a member of the same organization, was detained where he was at home, but none of the charges are known.

Mr. Huang was sentenced to prison in connection with the “Umbrella Movement”, and after participating in June, he participated in protests such as surrounding the police headquarters.

The police also revealed that they were arrested on the night of 29th on the suspicion of being involved in the uprising of representatives from the Hong Kong National Party, which received an order to ban the activities. On January 1st, Chen was arrested on suspicion of having weapons and explosives and was on bail.

On the 31st in Hong Kong, five years have passed since China decided to effectively shut down democracy to run for the election of Hong Kong ’s top administrative secretary, which triggered the “Umbrella Movement”.

A large-scale demonstration is planned to match this, but the police have decided not to accept the demonstration on the 29th, and it is expected that the reaction will increase further among the citizens under the restraint of the leaders The