Ministry of Defense's largest estimated demand of more than 5.30 trillion yen Next year's budget plan August 30 14:59

Regarding the budget request for next year's budget, the Ministry of Defense will establish a new “Space Operation Squadron” in the Air Self-Defense Forces and strengthen the defense force “Izumo”, which is the largest Maritime Self-Defense Force. We decided to ask for 5,322.3 billion yen, which is the highest ever, including the cost of making it an aircraft carrier.

Ministry of Defense, Minister of Defense Iwaya, attended the meeting on the 30th and decided to ask for a maximum of 5,322.3 billion yen, which is 1.2% higher than the initial budget for this year's budget request for next year's budget. It was.

Of these, the space-related business, which is positioned to strengthen defense capabilities preferentially, has recorded a total of 52.4 billion yen, and the “Space Operations Corps” is responsible for monitoring the suspicious satellites of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Costs for installation of about 20 people and the introduction of a device to grasp radio interference on communication satellites are included.

In addition, 3.1 billion yen will be spent to refurbish the IJM, the largest escort ship of the JMSDF, and the cost of purchasing six F35B, the latest stealth fighter to be installed in Izumo. As a result, 84.6 billion yen was recorded.

On the other hand, the maintenance plan for the new interceptor missile “Aegis Ashore” was not premised on a specific location, but included costs related to acquisition of launching equipment and human resource development of ¥ 12.2 billion.

In addition, the expenses related to the development of the stealth fighter that succeeds the F2 fighter of the Air Self Defense Force, which will be retired in the 2030s, and the costs related to the reorganization of the US military in Japan are included in the form of “requests for matters” that do not specify specific amounts. The amount will be recorded by the end of the year.