In Hong Kong, two of the most prominent activists of the protest movement have been arrested. Joshua Wong was arrested on Friday morning on the way to a subway station and taken to a police station, his Democrat Demosisto party said.

The leader of the banned Hong Kong National Party of Independence, Andy Chan, had been arrested on Thursday at the international airport of the metropolis on Thursday, from where he wanted to fly to Japan, according to media reports. Chan is apparently accused of participating in riots and assaulting a police officer.

Shortly before, the police had banned a Saturday demonstration of the democracy movement against the Beijing-led leadership of the Chinese Special Administrative Region. The police wrote to the organizers that it was feared that participants in the demonstration wanted to commit "violent and destructive acts".

In Hong Kong, there have been mass demonstrations for more democracy and a growing influence of Beijing for three months. There had been heavy violent clashes last weekend. Demonstration bans have occurred during the protests again and again. Nevertheless, many protesters took to the streets.

Saturday's rally was scheduled to mark the fifth anniversary of Beijing's decision to ban political reform in Hong Kong. This decision triggered the so-called umbrella movement in 2014.