Patrik Lindstrand has been filming wild boars that are begging in his garden in Balltorp several times in the past year. The pictures in the clip above he filmed two weeks ago.

- Now it's probably a little over a week since we last visited, but previously they were very close to the back every other day about, says Patrik Lindstrand.

At present, two to three wild boars visit the garden, but last winter it was worse.

- Then the twelve were here, but now they have shot by many so it has calmed down, says Patrik Lindstrand.

What do you do when they arrive?

- First I stand and watch. It's pretty fascinating, but when they get too close I scare them away. You don't want them here, he says.

It is increasingly difficult to scare away the wild boar

He thinks it is much harder to scare away the wild boar now compared to before.

- In the past they only came at night and ran away if they called. Now they come in the days and you have to go quite close and scream before they please sneak away, he says.

Are you worried?

- Well, but it's not without feeling like something might happen. Now this summer when the family cycled home from the football field we heard how the son, who is 9 years old, screamed. Then there was a wild boar two meters in front of him on the bike path, says Patrik Lindstrand.