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Édouard Philippe visiting a high school to defend his reforms, Friday, August 30, 2019 at Muy, in the Var. Yann COATSALIOU / AFP

In France, 870,000 teachers are doing their pre-entry this Friday, August 30, 2019. A delicate year for teachers with the reform of the baccalaureate and pensions. The reasons for concern are not lacking for the teaching staff. The head of government and the Minister of Education went to a high school in Var (south-east).

With our special high school student from Val d'Argens to Muy, Julien Chavanne

Government objective: to reassure teachers . Because the return is far from being serene for many of them , especially those who will be in charge of the classes of first this year, and who thus spent a part of their summer to rework their programs.

This is the case of Stéphanie Deucabe, who spent her summer reworking the program of her 1st economic and social specialty. But more than his holidays, what worries him is the future of high school graduates. Because the future ferry will be a la carte and less egalitarian, according to her.

" What is certain is that to make a continuous checkout, it creates several bins in fact; it creates the baccalaureate high school Val d'Argens Muy, it creates the opposite bins of high schools in large cities, and so it can only reinforce social inequalities and territorial ", says the professor.

The fear of high schools at multiple speeds

The reform of the baccalaureate, which eliminates the S, ES and L in 2021, could lead to high schools at several speeds in the eyes of some. " This is absolutely what we all fear ," concludes the teacher, who will spend the meeting in the back of the room, to denounce a " com operation" that will not change anything .

During these exchanges with these professors Var, Jean-Michel Blanquer assures them however that everything will be well done. The Minister of Education even apologizes for the induced workload. But without convincing all the teachers present at this meeting.

Prime Minister reinforces

As for Édouard Philippe, who came in support of his minister, he said he was open to adjustments on the reform of the baccalaureate. " How is she setting up? Does it also raise questions? It's possible. Necessary adjustments? Maybe , "agreed the Prime Minister.

And to add, to explain the posture that the executive intends to have in front of the National Education: " What I mean is that we do not reform or transform simply to give pleasure or pleasure. feeling that we are reforming. We do it because we identify something that is not going well enough. "

Multi-speed tray? False, replies Mr Philippe, who speaks of an " ambitious " reform. " Ambition is not a dirty word, it's the opposite of elitism, " he said. The new method sold the day before by the government on Ecology is now declined to Education.

Strike notice

Mrs Deucabe is not convinced by the promises of adjustments and consultation. "To tell them of our concerns, " she said, " we did it all last year. There was absolutely no reaction, no consideration of teachers' concerns. It's not here today that it was going to be done. "

Several unions have filed strike notices. Nothing to undermine confidence or the serenity of the government. Despite a decline in popularity, the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer has warned: he will lead the reform of the tank to the end. Keep the course in the consultation, therefore.

Retirement, another source of concern for teachers

The method will also be worth for the reform of the pensions, promises the Prime Minister. Another concern that concerns teachers. The Minister of Public Accounts Gérald Darmanin also promised this Friday a consultation of nearly a year on this sensitive subject, where the government is moving cautiously.

In the Var, Édouard Philippe said he would give more details on the consultation soon, but not before his meeting with the social partners next weekend. " On such an important text, we first want to take the time to share, " says the Prime Minister.

" If we did not do it, you would rightly reproach us; take the time to speak with the French, to explain the issues well, to explain the solutions we propose; take into account what will be said, to make a bill that will be presented to Parliament in the coming months. "

" When I meet the unions and employers, it will be up to me to make announcements on the calendar, the pace, the method, but do not believe in anything that the determination of the government would be diminished. We want to share with the French and we want to succeed, "says Philippe.

The government has promised to make every effort to make back to school "inclusive" for all children with disabilities. This year they will be 23,000 more to be educated. In fact, the return to school is difficult 30/08/2019 - by Anna Piekarec Play

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