• Istat, unemployment drops to its lowest level since 2012: 9.7%


August 30, 2019Turns back to the unemployment rate, which to what it certifies today Istat grows by 0.1 points to 9.9%. A figure that goes against the trend compared to the one recorded over the 12 months months: on an annual basis the unemployment rate drops by 0.4 points among men and by 0.7 points among women.

Stop after 5 months of growth
"After five consecutive months of growth - Istat points out - in July employment is slightly down in the monthly comparison. In particular, after four months of growth, both permanent and full-time employees decrease, while they increase the independents. In the last month an increase in the unemployed and a drop in the inactive are estimated. In the quarterly and trend comparison the growth of employment and the drop in unemployment already observed in the previous months remain ".

Youth unemployment falls
The employment rate shows a positive trend in the younger age groups (+0.3 points among the 15-24 year olds and +0.2 point among the 25-34 year olds) while it decreases by 0.2 points both among the 35-49 year olds is between 50-64 year olds. The unemployment rate increases in all age groups except for the 25-34 year olds, of which 0.4 percentage points lower; the most consistent growth is recorded among the 15-24 year olds (+0.8 points), bringing the youth unemployment rate to 28.9%. LO informs Istat that stresses that the inactivity rate decreases among 15-24 year olds, increases between 25-34 year olds and is stable among those over 35 years old

The statistical institute notes that employment is in slight decline for both gender components: it falls between the 35-49 age group (-45 thousand) while it increases in the other age classes. After four months of growth, there was a decrease in employees, both permanent and term (-46 thousand overall), while independent companies returned (+29 thousand) after the decline recorded in June.

Employment seekers are on the rise (+ 1.1%, or +28 thousand units in the last month). The growth concerns both gender components and is distributed in all age classes except for 25-34 year olds. The unemployment rate rises to 9.9% (+0.1 percentage points).

The overall estimate of the inactive between 15 and 64 in July is down (-0.2%, equal to -28 thousand units) for both gender components. The inactivity rate is unchanged at 34.2%.

In the May-July 2019 quarter, employment grew significantly compared to the previous three months (+ 0.4%, equal to +101 thousand units), of greater intensity for men. In the same period both permanent employees (+ 0.6%, +84 thousand) and fixed-term employees (+ 0.6%, +18 thousand) increased, while the independent are unchanged; for ages there are positive signs among the 15-24 year olds and the over-fifties, negative among the 35-49 years old and of substantial stability among the 25-34 year olds. In the quarter, the number of people in search of employment increased (-3.4%, or -91,000) and those inactive between 15 and 64 (-0.2%, -24%). thousand). On an annual basis, employment is expanding both among women and between men and all age classes except for the 35-49 age group. Net of the demographic component, the change is positive for all age classes. The growth in the year is driven by employees (+200 thousand overall) while the independents are slightly down (-7 thousand). Over the twelve months, the growth in employment is accompanied by a fall in the number of unemployed (-4.5%, or -121 thousand units) and inactive people aged 15-64 (-1.2%, equal to to -163 thousand).