"I made him proposals, to co-sponsor this campaign with me," recalled the candidate invested by LREM at the microphone of Europe 1, Thursday.


"I too have my scientific side, I rely solely on facts." Asked about Essonne MP Cédric Villani, potential dissident candidate for mayor of Paris, Benjamin Griveaux, invested by the Republic on the march for this election, assured the microphone of Europe 1 continue to believe in a joint application.

"Our convergences are more numerous than our differences"

"Cédric Villani said he would say the decision that is his on September 4, let's wait," began Benjamin Griveaux. "I made him proposals, to co-sponsor this campaign with me," he said. "I'm sure we can make sure that our convergences, which outnumber our differences, far outweigh them." "I rely on his sense of collective, because Paris is a collective adventure, it's never an individual adventure," said the former spokesman of the government.

According to information from Europe 1, Cédric Villani will be excluded from the political movement founded by Emmanuel Macron if he confirms his candidacy next week.