Bayonne (AFP)

The holding of the G7 summit in Biarritz (August 24-26) and the counter-summit resulted, between August 19th and 26th, in 119 police custody that were followed or will be of about fifty legal proceedings said Thursday the prosecutor's office of Bayonne.

In total, there were 168 arrests that took place before and during the summit of heads of state, in the cities of Bayonne, Urrugne or Hendaye mainly, told AFP the prosecutor of the Republic in Bayonne, Samuel Vuelta- Simon.

"The demonstrators were able to express themselves and there was no breakage or injuries," said the magistrate.

Among the arrests, "16 people were the object of measures of removal because under the blow of French inadmissibility and others already had sentences to execute, applicable immediately", he detailed.

This was particularly the case of three Germans, aged between 18 and 22, arrested during a roadside check in Biarritz and considered as potentially dangerous.

Judged Friday August 23 in immediate appearance in Bayonne on the eve of the opening of the G7, they had been sentenced to two to three months in prison.

"Fifty cases will be heard before the court until December," added Mr. Vuelta-Simon, for cases including "participation in a group to commit degrading or violence", "violence" and contempt of persons holding public authority "or" carrying and carrying weapons ".

Three investigations, entrusted to the judicial police of Bayonne, are still ongoing, including one on the assault of two police officers, motorcyclists, on Friday, August 23, in Urrugne, taken to task by a dozen radical protesters.

An investigation for deliberate violence at meetings of a person in charge of the public authority was opened: "the two police officers are very shocked, even if no significant physical injury is to be deplored", according to Samuel Vuelta-Simon. Six suspects had been arrested and put out of action. The investigation to identify the perpetrators of the violence is still ongoing.

In addition, a Landais couple arrested before the opening of the G7, suspected of having degraded radars and painted anti-G7 tags, Pro-Yellow Vests and pro-black-blocks, will be tried on 9 September by the Criminal Court. from Dax.

Just over 13,000 policemen and gendarmes had been deployed to the summit, and the fear of violence had mobilized 17 prosecutors, 70 lawyers and 300 cell slots each day.

On Thursday, the local Basque party EHBai denounced in a press release "the disproportion of the police and security apparatus deployed in the Basque Country for more than a week", pointing to a "permanent state of siege" and a "very strong repression".

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