The number two of the Colombian FARC guerrillas, aka Iván Márquez , whose whereabouts have been unknown for more than a year, has reappeared this Thursday in a video together with other former leaders of the Colombian group to announce "a new stage of armed conflict.

"We announce to the world that the second Marquetalia (birthplace of the FARC more than half a century ago) has begun under the protection of the universal right that assists all the peoples of the world to rise in arms against oppression," says Márquez in the video released on the Internet in which it appears next to a score of men armed with rifles.

Among those who accompany him, you can see Seuxis Paucias Hernández , aka Jesús Santrich and Hernán Darío Velásquez , aka El Paisa , who months ago stopped fulfilling their commitments to the Special Justice for Peace (JEP) .

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