In Colombia, a former commander of the guerrilla organization Farc has announced plans to resume fighting against the government. In a video message Luciano Marín Arango alias "Iván Márquez" appeared together with about 20 armed soldiers. It starts "a new stage of the struggle," read Márquez from a manifesto. The former number two at the head of the Farc had been submerged for over a year. At his side was the former guerrilla commander Seuxis Hernández Solarte alias "Jesús Santrich", which is internationally advertised for drug trafficking for investigation.

The Colombian government had betrayed the peace treaty with the Farc, it said in the message on. The group around Márquez is going to "take up arms" to fight back against repression by the government. One is ready to cooperate with the smaller rebel organization ELN. Former Farc boss Rodrigo Londoño rejects the resumption of the fight. "The vast majority stick to the deal, and despite all the difficulties, we are on the side of peace," he tweeted.

By the end of 2016, Farc left Farc and the Colombian government had ended the decade-long civil war with some 220,000 dead and millions displaced by a peace treaty. The rebels laid down their arms and are now to return to civilian life. However, the ex-guerilleros repeatedly accuse the government of failing to fulfill its obligations, of not sufficiently supporting and protecting ex-rebels.