No matter if deal or no-deal, Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants Britain to leave the EU on October 31st. In order for the opposition not to oppose its plans in the event of an unregulated withdrawal, Johnson wants to impose a five-week break on parliament. Whether Johnson's harsh political action is helpful to his party explains Imke Henkel, freelance writer for ZEIT ONLINE in London.

The conflict between India and Pakistan around Kashmir has been going on for decades. Since 1947, the nuclear powers have been fighting over the divided area. Why has Indian Prime Minister Kashmir just now withdrawn his status as an autonomist, reigniting the conflict? Mounia Meiborg talks about it with journalist and political advisor Britta Petersen in New Delhi.

And otherwise? Reason in the unreasonable: An American company produces reusable cups for drinking games.

Moderation: Mounia Meiborg
Collaboration: Katharina Heflik, Anne Schwedt

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