“This decision, which Washington announced in early August, causes nothing but regret. It is sad that the remnants of the former Russian-American partnership were sacrificed to the United States for domestic political circumstances. This time, under the pretext of allegedly using Russia “chemical weapons” in Salisbury, ”the diplomat said.

As Zakharova noted, US sanctions are “an illegitimate tool of pressure” not only on Russia, but also on other countries.

“Their only result is a further deterioration in the possibilities of normalizing bilateral interaction. This does not meet the fundamental interests of both countries and peoples, ”she added.

She indicated that Russia would never accept the "rules of conduct" imposed on it according to anyone’s patterns. "

“Sanctions and all kinds of restrictions will not change anything in this regard. Trying to talk to us in the language of ultimatums is futile, ”Zakharova concluded.

On August 26, the second package of US anti-Russian sanctions, prepared in connection with the Skripals affair, began to operate.

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