The woman was operated on during her pregnancy for severe abdominal pain, and was also given painkillers by, among other things, epidural anesthesia. As the epidural catheter went out of position, the anesthesia was re-inserted, which resulted in the woman's back being punctured a total of eight times over six weeks.

The woman, who afterwards experienced, among other things, back pain and discomfort with numbness and loss of sensation, is critical of several aspects of her care both before and after the cesarean section she was discharged with, and has reported the Akademiska hospital to the Inspection for Care and Care, IVO.

The help was delayed

IVO has investigated the case and questioned why the hospital, despite the woman's inconvenience, gave her back anesthesia eight times. IVO is also critical of the late follow-up of the care, and that only eight months after childbirth, the woman was referred further to investigate the loss of sensation.

Since the woman's complaints are still under investigation, IVO cannot currently assess whether the repeated back anesthesia has caused her a medical injury. The woman also describes in her report that communication between the staff at Akademiska was poor, and that she did not feel listened to.