Successful fraudulent receipt of subsidies in a company-led childcare business: August 29, 4:01

The Cabinet Office invites new consignees to distribute subsidies in response to a series of fraudulent receipts of subsidies over a company-led childcare business in which companies establish and operate daycare centers for employees. The policy is to examine the examination procedure to prevent recurrence.

The company-led childcare business, in which companies set up and operate daycare centers mainly for employees, was established three years ago, but this month the representative director of a consulting company in Fukuoka City has received a grant of approximately 5 There have been a series of cases in which subsidies are illegally received, such as being charged with suspicion of cheating billion yen.

In the background, the insufficient examination system of the “Child Raising Association,” a public interest incorporated foundation that has allocated subsidies on commission from the government, has been pointed out, and the Cabinet Office established a research team for this corporation on the 28th Did.

In order to continue the business in the next fiscal year, the Cabinet Office intends to recruit new consignees to replace the “Child Raising Association”. The survey will be completed within a few months and examination procedures will be reviewed to prevent recurrence. I am going to do that.