Lecture at Governor Koike Miyako in Beijing “Full Paralympic venue” August 29, 4:04

Governor Koike from Tokyo will give a lecture at Beijing, where the Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be held in 2022, and the success of the Paralympics will lead to the success of the entire competition. I showed an idea.

Governor Koike of Tokyo, who is visiting China, gave a lecture at a meeting hosted by the Chinese international exchange association “China People's Foreign Friendship Association” on 28th in Beijing.

In this, Governor Koike said that the Paralympic Games would be an opportunity to turn Tokyo into a safe and lively city where people using wheelchairs can move anywhere without steps.

On top of that, filling the Paralympic venues will lead to the success of the entire Tokyo Games, and said, “We would like to aim for the Paralympic venues to be full at the Beijing Games as well,” Tokyo and Beijing collaborated. And called for a lively tournament.