It was in June 2018 that the child, through his parents, applied for a short-term stay four days a month, in order for the child to receive environmental change, an extended contact network and the opportunity for personal development and independence. The child had been visiting a short-term activity in Karlskrona municipality and was then positive to start their stay.

The municipality made the decision on the same day to grant the aid, but it would take until April this year for the municipality to implement the decision, which means a delay of 214 days over the estimated waiting time, according to Ivo, the Inspection for Health and Care.

Lack of suitable premises

Karlskrona Municipality believes that the reason for the delay is that there is a shortage of premises that are suitable for the current intervention desired for the child.

The municipality has also stated that the functional support administration is constantly looking for suitable premises and is preparing for a relocation in order to be able to free up places and thus make more decisions on short-term stays in the future.

May pay penalty for child's waiting

The child with a disability had to wait for ten months to begin the short-term stay, which it had been granted. According to Ivo, the Inspection receives Care and Care, such a long waiting period cannot be considered reasonable.

“It is particularly serious that a child is affected by the municipality's lack of premises. The municipality has a responsibility to plan its activities so that individuals can receive the support and assistance they need. The delay in the case in question has not been beyond the control of the municipality and cannot be considered minor. ”, The inspection writes in its report to the administrative law.

Ivo now demands SEK 179 100 in penalty for Karlskrona municipality.

Photo: TT