According to the information of our political editorialist Michael Darmon, the MP for Essonne, who will announce on September 4 his candidacy for mayor of Paris despite the appointment of Benjamin Griveaux, should be excluded from the movement founded by Emmanuel Macron.


Her decision is made, and she could finally tear up the Parisian troops of La République en marche. Unhappy candidate for the inauguration of the presidential movement for the municipal in Paris against Benjamin Griveaux, the deputy of Essonne Cédric Villani will launch himself into a dissident candidacy. A decision he will announce on September 4 but that could cost him his expulsion of LREM.

Because according to information from Europe 1, the decision is made at the top of the Republic Marche. The forthcoming announcement of the Fields medalist mathematician for his candidacy will trigger Jupiter's lightning. Cédric Villani will be excluded from the movement under article 33 of the statutes. A decision heavy in symbols, because the elected of Essonne is emblematic of these personalities came to the policy to support the project of Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign of 2017. It is besides on this idea that Cédric Villani bases his approach in Paris, facing a Benjamin Griveaux he calls "candidate device".

Cédric Villani organizes his support on the right

For Cédric Villani is an angry man, annoyed by the attitude of President Emmanuel Macron against him. All the challenge will now be for him to overcome this resentment, and propose a unifying project for Parisians.

Now remains to build his troops, while The Republic in progress will try to demonstrate that he is a single man. Currently, Cédric Villani organizes support on the right, and the mayors of the 15th and 17th arrondissements should rally his candidacy. As for Pierre-Yves Bournazel, from the right pro-Macron in the 18th arrondissement, he decides for now to remain a candidate under the label "Act". In this campaign, the math champion will have to demonstrate his talents in political calculation.