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"That my mother has died from previous pathologies, nobody believes it, she has died because of the shredded meat"


His name was Francisca, he was 74 years old and some aches: arrhythmia, anemia ... But nothing serious. Nothing extraordinary in a person of that age. I was under medical supervision and everything p

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  • Affected Third death victim from the listeriosis outbreak in Andalusia
  • Analysis: An outbreak of listeria and doubts
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His name was Francisca, he was 74 years old and some aches : arrhythmia, anemia ... But nothing serious. Nothing extraordinary in a person of that age. He was under medical supervision and everything seemed controlled. But this Tuesday Francisca became the third fatality of the listeriosis outbreak that has been primed with Andalusia (196 cases, three dead) and that has crossed the borders of the community and even the Spanish.

One of her daughters, María, tells us that her mother's destiny was twisted a little over a week ago, when they bought a piece of shredded meat from La Mechá. They had done it on other occasions, but this time with the meat they acquired a potent focus of listeriosis.

Maria does not remember well if it was Thursday 8 or Friday 9 August when they noticed the meatloaf. His mother was the one who consumed the most and that same day he began to notice the effects . A brother of his also ate, but in his case everything remained in a couple of days with discomfort, such as a bad gastroenteritis.

Francisca's was very different. "On Monday we had an appointment for an analysis and the doctor sent him a transfusion," says the daughter, on account of the degree of anemia that the woman detected. Always, Maria points out, without suspecting at any time the bacteria that already made her own in her mother's organism.

That same day, the woman is left under observation with coordination problems in speech and the next day the family doctors are venturing a possible diagnosis: a stroke . But they do a CT scan and it turns negative.

The strangest part of the case is, Maria says a few hours after burying her mother, who on Tuesday night calls her home from the Epidemiology services and asks them what her mother had eaten and, more specifically, that if she had eaten meatloaf.

"My mother began to get worse, she stopped breathing, intubated her and took a pneumonia, " she continues, making an effort not to succumb to the tears that have been present in the interviews she has been carrying since the media identified and located her.

Neither Maria nor the rest of the brothers are complaining about the medical care her mother received, but they are visibly angry at the fact that Francisca was defined by the Ministry of Health as a patient "with previous pathologies."

"That it was due to previous pathologies, nobody believes it, they don't tell me," exclaims Maria, who is clear that they will take legal action and that is especially critical of the actions of public administrations and, above all , with how they have tried to blame each other.

"I will move what has to move me, I will go where I have to go," says Maria, confessing that she has "panic" that something like this could happen, for example, to her daughter, who is also celiac. "I don't want to harm anyone, I just want justice because nobody gives me my mother back," he says.

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Health "I have lost my daughter from listeriosis"

Sanitary alert An outbreak of listeria and doubts

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