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What do you know about the stubborn Amazon defender Rooney?


Despite his aging, the leader of the Kayabo people continues to defend the Amazon forests and the culture of their primitive peoples.

Born in 1930 and 1934, Rooney Mitochteri traveled many countries around the world to publicize the cause of his people and fight to preserve their traditions and places of living in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Today, France is trying to coincide with the G7 summit, which he called The French president, to sound the alarm that threatens the existence of his people as they see their forest go unheeded by fires that do not keep and do not raise.

He was received by French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday and took the opportunity to seek help in preserving the Amazon.

The leader called on the world to put increasing pressure on the Brazilian people and the Senate to vote on the dismissal of incumbent President Jaime Bolsonaro, who accuses him of direct responsibility for the fires.

It was Rooney's first meeting with his tribe with the West in 1954. This was the beginning of this leader's acquaintance with the new civilization where he learned Portuguese, before becoming the ambassador of his people to the outside world.

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He was also keen to share with everyone the great concern of the primitive peoples of the Amazon because of the phenomenon of desertification in this rainforest, caused by the rapid removal of trees, which became the subject of a documentary by Belgian director Jean-Pierre Doutia in 1977.

The leader, who has been in his lower lip since the age of fifteen, has painted a colorful wooden disc according to the traditions of his people, succeeded 20 years from now to cancel the construction of the Carrarao Dam, which Brazil is considering construction in the Amazon.

Through his media output, Rooney is always keen to wear a yellow feathers crown with earrings and a kayabos necklace, and can be distinguished from afar from the traditional disc that he proudly places in his lower lip.

The leader, who was awarded the prize of cultural excellence by former Brazilian President Lula da Silva in 2007, was not a minister of culture before becoming president of Brazil, and Rooney was one of the first to talk about "environmental genocide."

This tribal leader was able to establish, together with a number of conservationists on November 28, 2015, the “Mother Nature Protectors Alliance”.

Source: aljazeera

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