The Dutch coffee shop owner Johan van Laarhoven was again sentenced in cassation to a prison sentence of a hundred years. His lawyer says in conversation with RTL News that it is now important that Van Laarhoven can serve his cell in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has a treaty with Thailand that makes it possible for punished Dutch prisoners to serve their sentence in the Netherlands if a sentence can no longer change.

Van Laarhoven was given the long prison sentence for laundering drug money. His wife has been in jail for twelve years. The business has been playing since 2014. Van Laarhoven says he is innocent.

Justice and Security Minister Grapperhaus traveled to the Asian country last week to talk to the Thai Prime Minister about Van Laarhoven. On Friday, he expressed his hope for a solution.

The Dutchman has been living in Thailand since 2008. Before that, he was one of the most successful coffee shop bosses in the southern Netherlands with branches in Tilburg and Den Bosch. In the Netherlands, there is a lawsuit against his company The Grass Company, but the case has been postponed because the OM wants to interrogate Van Laarhoven.

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