As the air quality has improved, differentiated traffic will not be renewed Wednesday in Paris.

The police headquarters in Paris ended Tuesday the differentiated traffic set up since Sunday in the Paris area, because of an episode of pollution with ozone.

Improvement of air quality

"With regard to the improvement of the air quality on Tuesday, and favorable forecasts for the next days, the [Prefecture of Police] immediately lifts the measures of differentiated circulation and its device controls," said the prefecture police on Twitter. "The weather conditions of the day today, more favorable than initially expected, allow a decrease in the formation of ozone in the atmosphere," she said in a statement.

The differentiated traffic, that is to say reserved for the least polluting vehicles, had been put in place since Sunday in Paris and its small crown due to the "hot weather and sunshine" that favor the increase in concentrations. in ozone. It had also been set up in Lille as of Sunday and renewed until Tuesday.