The African Development Conference starts today Themes such as development support August 28th 5:07

The TICAD = African Development Conference, in which leaders from Japan and African countries participate, will open in Yokohama City from the 28th. I am aiming.

Held once every three years, the 7th TICAD = African Development Conference is attended by Prime Minister Abe and leaders from more than 50 African countries, with the theme of strengthening development support and economic relations. Opened in Yokohama City on a daily schedule.

The government aims to adopt the “Yokohama Declaration” as a result of the meeting. It cooperates in human resource development for young engineers in Africa, and it also creates an environment where Japanese companies can easily invest, and it also causes ocean pollution. I want to include support for the reduction of plastic waste.

Also, with China in mind to strengthen its advance into the ocean, some of the oceans around Africa will be clearly identified with the importance of Japan ’s “ocean freedom” and “rule of law,” and rapid infrastructure support by China. In light of concerns over debt overruns in the country, the policy is to ensure the transparency of debt.

Prime Minister Abe plans to meet individually with leaders from each country.

“Expansion of private investment” is the biggest theme

The TICAD = African Development Conference is an international conference held once every three years, where the leaders of the African countries and the United Nations and other relevant organizations meet together, led by the Japanese government, to strengthen African development and economic relations. Opinions are exchanged.

Beginning in 1993, it was originally held in Japan once every five years, but since 2016 it has been opened alternately in Japan and Africa every three years, the last time in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. It was held.

The reason why Japan started TICAD was the devastation of African society after the East-West Cold War and the reduction of aid in developed countries. During the Cold War, Africa was at the forefront of the US-Soviet hegemony, and both sides continued to provide extensive assistance to bring African countries into their sphere of influence.

However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, Western countries became less interested in Africa.

Under these circumstances, the Japanese government launched TICAD in 1993 with the intention of attracting support from African countries, aiming to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

In the 2000s, the price of natural resources rose due to rapid economic growth in emerging countries such as China and India, and singing about high economic growth mainly in resource countries such as Nigeria and Angola. From this time on, TICAD began to shift its focus on expanding business opportunities for private companies under the slogan “From assistance to investment”.

Africa has attracted attention not only as a natural resource but also as a new huge market with a rapidly growing population. Representatives of 77 companies and organizations visited Kenya in the previous TICAD.

The 7th TICAD will be held at “Pacifico Yokohama” in Yokohama City for a period of 3 days from 28th.

This time, the biggest theme will be the expansion of private investment, and representatives from the Japanese and African business circles will join to discuss issues such as improving the investment environment and human resource development.

It will also discuss various issues facing Africa, such as marine plastic waste management and the problems of young people participating in extremists.