• 101 migrants rescued in Libya by the Eleonore ship of the German NGO Lifeline
  • Ocean Viking, Malta gives the ok to disembark. Muscat: "Migrants will be transferred to 6 other EU countries"
  • Lampedusa, ordered the seizure of the Open Arms. Migrants leave the ship
  • Open Arms, migrants throw themselves into the sea. Spain sends military ship
  • Ocean Viking, the Ombudsman of private persons intervenes
  • Migrants. Doctor on Ocean Viking: worries shipwrecked stress, could get worse


27 August 2019

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini signed the ban on entry, transit and parking in Italian waters for the Eleonore vessel, flying the German flag. The provision has already been sent to the Ministers of Defense and Infrastructure and Transport.

The news released by sources of the Interior Ministry after the announcement of the intervention off the coast of Libya. The ship Eleonore of the NGO Lifeline "rescued 101 people aboard a rubber boat that was sinking 43 miles from Al-Khoms", in Libya, it was read in a tweet of Mediterranea in which is added that "the ship Mare Jonio offered his assistance and is heading east ". The boat was spotted by the "Lifeline 3" biplane.

The intervention of the Libyan coast guard
"While the rescue operations were underway by the Eleonore rescue team - a later post reads - a patrol boat of the so-called 'Libyan coast guard' threatened to approach the raft, terrorizing the castaways".

While rescue operations were underway by the #Eleonore rescue team, a patrol boat of the so-called "Libyan coast guard" threatened the raft, terrorizing the castaways. https://t.co/WYk6yh9KaB

- Mediterranea Saving Humans (@RescueMed) August 26, 2019

"After the so-called 'Libyan coast guard' patrol boat has departed - concludes the NGO in a third tweet - people are all safely rescued aboard Eleonore who is heading north in search of a safe port for landing of the castaways ".

Open Arms, Spanish vessel Audaz in Pozzallo
Meanwhile, the Spanish military ship Audaz is in the harbor in front of the port of Pozzallo, which will have to take a part of the immigrants landed a few days ago, following a provision of the judicial authority, from the Open Arms. According to sources in the Interior Ministry, explaining that "the European Commission is working to plan the redistribution among European countries that had expressed their availability (the hypothesis is that France takes 40, Germany 40, Spain 15, the Portugal 10, Luxembourg 2). The proposals of the individual States are being examined by the Commission, which will communicate in the next hours modalities and times for the transfer of immigrants, currently hosted in the first reception centers of Sicily ".