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Britain's Labor Party boss Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday rallies other opposition leaders to try to find a common front against a tough Brexit on October 31, envisioned by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Labor, the main opposition party, will do "all that is necessary" to prevent an exit from the EU without an agreement, which would only benefit the "rich and speculators", Jeremy Corbyn told The Independent newspaper before the meeting, scheduled for 11:00 (10:00 GMT) in his office in Parliament in London.

He also warned of the risks of a "no deal" favorable to US President Donald Trump who, ardent defender of an uncompromising Brexit, promised Johnson "a very large trade deal, quickly" after the exit from the EU.

But a Brexit without agreement "will not give us back our sovereignty, it will put us under the yoke of Trump and big American companies," worried the leader of the opposition.

- Elections -

Boris Johnson desperately wants to leave the EU, with or without a divorce agreement, dividing the UK deeply, even into his conservative camp, some of whom want to maintain close ties with the EU.

It also scares economic circles, who fear the consequences of a sudden break, including the restoration of tariffs.

The head of government said Monday "barely more optimistic" on the possibility of getting along with Brussels, after meeting several leaders during the G7 summit.

London and the EU oppose the fate of the future Irish border, which will separate the United Kingdom from the European single market, while being ready to discuss it.

Jeremy Corbyn believes that early general elections would be the best way to thwart a Brexit without a parachute. He wants first to bring down the executive in a vote of no confidence after the return of the Parliament's holiday on 3 September, and take the lead of an interim government whose goal is to postpone the date of Brexit.

Labor would then campaign for a new referendum on EU membership, which would mention the possibility for the UK to remain a member.

A scenario rejected by the leader of Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson, who participates in the meeting alongside deputies Ian Blackford (Scottish nationalist SNP party), Liz Saville-Roberts (Welsh party Plaid Cymru) and former Tory Anna Soubry ( independent).

None of the pro-Europeans invited among the Conservatives responded to the invitation, unwilling to see Labor gain power.

- Suspension of Parliament -

For Ms. Swinson, Jeremy Corbyn's project is doomed to fail because he is not the person who can build a majority, even a temporary one, in the House of Commons.

"The seemingly growing support option" is the passing of a law requiring the government to request a new Brexit postponement, she said on the BBC radio. "But we should of course discuss all the options, including what to do if it does not succeed, because we do not have much time," she added.

In the United Kingdom, the government has its hand on the parliamentary agenda. And Boris Johnson did not rule out the possibility of suspending Parliament to prevent MPs from blocking a "no deal".

Trying to overcome divisions, Jeremy Corbyn said he was open to other scenarios. "I hope that we reach a good compromise and that we take with us other parliamentarians aware of the disaster risks of a Brexit without agreement," he noted.

The British decided 52% to leave the EU in a referendum in 2016, but their departure was already postponed twice after the Parliament opposed the agreement between Brussels and the British government, then led by Theresa May.

For its part, the Brexit Party, led by the europhobe Nigel Farage, presents Tuesday its candidates for possible parliamentary elections. He had won the European elections in May.

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