• Crisis: an outbreak of listeria and doubts
  • The company that caused listeriosis says that "what happened is not explained"
  • Courts: The Office of the Prosecutor of Seville opens an investigation into the outbreak of listeriosis and meat with white label

The outbreak of listeriosis that keeps the country's health authorities in suspense has entered a "inflection phase" in which new cases of intoxicated by consumption of contaminated meats will be remitting, although there will be a "drip" of affected patients by the listeria bacteria until next October .

This was explained on Monday the spokesman of the technical cabinet of the Ministry of Health and Families for the outbreak of listeriosis, José Miguel Cisneros , who has pointed out that in the coming weeks and until October there may be a "drip of cases" that presents the infection later. The average incubation period in this outbreak is three days, but experts warn that it may take up to 70 days for an intoxicant to show symptoms since taking the contaminated food.

Meanwhile, the number of hospitalized continues to rise. There are already 108 patients admitted to hospitals , 25 of them in private centers, and 28 pregnant. Confirmed cases of listeriosis rise to 193.

The Board has also confirmed that the listeria bacteria that infected one of the two pregnant women who aborted corresponds to the strain of the outbreak. Two women aborted on August 2 and 12, before the health alert was decreed on August 15. The second case is still under study.


On the other hand, José Antonio Marín , the manager of the Magrudis company, producer of the Mecha meat that has originated the listeriosis outbreak, has indicated that he does not know where the focus of the contamination of his products is, but has recognized that has detected the presence of listeria in one of its rovers.

"Tests are still being done in search of focus. The problem is that it is not found, it can be anywhere. I have proof of contamination in one of the rovers , but until we really give the focus, we cannot anticipate anything ", Marín commented to Antena 3.

The manager of the company has defended that they have heat treatment both after the meat is poured and after passing through the kiln cars. "The temperature records, the cleaning ... all that is perfect, " he said, reiterating that they have the ISO 90001 quality certification, which "was implemented on May 23 of this year."

In this sense, as they did this Sunday through a statement, he said that the last analysis of listeria that they did at their facilities on June 26 did not detect any contamination .

For its part, the company's lawyer has detailed that "a thorough internal investigation" is being done to clarify what happened. "Our argument is that analysis prior to the packaging of the contaminated product , which makes clear the absence of listeria on the surface. The company complies with all sanitary obligations, has all the machinery perfectly approved and has a quality certificate", has settled.

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