Ibaraki couple killing incident Intruding on a foot and suddenly attacking or August 26 17:15

An interview with investigators revealed that a couple of 70s were killed in a house in Yachiyo-cho, Ibaraki on the 24th. The police are investigating that the criminals suddenly attacked a married couple who had slipped into their homes while wearing shoes.

At dawn on the 24th, in a house in Hiratsuka, Yachiyo-cho, Ibaraki Prefecture, Isao Osato (76) who lived in this house died after being stabbed by a knife with a knife, and a 73-year-old wife was also stabbed by an abdomen. .

According to previous research, it was found that someone invaded from an unlocked place on the site and suddenly attacked the sleeping couple. It was newly discovered by interviews with investigators that the trace was found.

It is different from the footsteps of the second son who noticed the incident and reported to the fire department, and the ambulance crew who arrived after receiving the report.

According to the police, there has been no evidence that the room has been damaged so far.

The police are investigating that the criminals infiltrated the house while wearing shoes and suddenly attacked the sleeping couple, and the suspicious person reflected in the nearby security camera is also investigating the relationship with the incident.

"The criminals get caught early and live a quiet life"

Three days have passed since the incident, and there were a series of voices of anxiety and hope that the criminals were quickly arrested from local residents.

A man in his 70s living in the neighborhood said, “I used to sleep without closing the key until now, but I am worried that I will lock it at night after the incident.”

Also, a man in his twenties said, “I'm very worried about this happening even though I'm in an area where I can tell who I am walking. I hope I can go back to it. "

A man in his 60s said, “I want children to get caught quickly because they ca n’t walk and play outside without danger, unless they are with their parents.”