Paris (AFP)

MEP Yannick Jadot (EELV) wants a "green balance of power" that is "strong" in the first round of municipal elections in March 2020, with the goal of "keep" Grenoble and conquer new ones.

"The stronger the balance of power + green +, the more we will be able to make Paris the capital of ecology, and to get there, it's better to have a green mayor in Paris, Besançon, Nantes, Rennes ..." said Mr. Jadot Monday on Franceinfo.

"We manage today, a hundred municipalities (including) a large city Grenoble, we will try to keep," said Yannick Jadot who wants Europe Ecology Greens, strong of its result in the European elections (13, 5%), wins new cities.

"There are 36,000 communes and 36,000 special cases," said Jadot, indicating that list alliances in the first round will be built on a case by case basis.

Asked about the ecological balance of the mayor (PS) of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, he felt that it was "good" and that it "corresponds to the balance of power of ecologists for 18 years in Paris" and "the agreements that we spent every election. "

The candidate EELV to the mayor of Paris David Belliard had questioned Saturday, on the sidelines of the party summer university in Toulouse, the ecologist fiber of the current Anne Hidalgo. "The question is: Anne Hidalgo (...) it is a green mayor? No it is a mayor who says he is green, "he said, saying that" the ecological record of Anne Hidalgo is the balance of environmentalists.

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