It was Corren who was the first to tell us that some special diet disappears from Linköping's schools.

Linköping Municipality has reviewed all its school foods and measured how much lactose there is in each dish. If there is less than 2 grams of lactose in the dish then no special diet without lactose will not be served.

When serving dishes that contain more than 2 grams of lactose, such as pancakes, there will still be a lactose-free alternative.

Can withstand more than they think

According to Åsa Kullberg, business area manager at Linköping Municipality, there is research that shows that most lactose intolerant can withstand more than they think. This, together with the fact that the removal of lactose-free food has worked well in other municipalities, makes Linköping feel secure with its change.

- The Asthma and Allergy Association emphasizes that children who receive elimination costs, ie that they pick out some food, feel that they have a poorer standard of living. They want to be like their friends, says Åsa Kullberg, business area manager of Linköping Municipality.

Been a lot of food waste

The municipality has also seen that a lot of special food is thrown out in the schools.

- We have a pretty high food waste on the lactose-free food. I think that is because the students know that they can eat certain dishes.

If it turns out that any student could not eat the dishes that have very little lactose in them, the student will still be able to get a special diet.