Japan and the United States leaders exchanged opinions including trade issues Extremely meaningful Secretary-General August 26, 12:40

Following the conclusion of negotiations at a summit meeting between Japan and the United States over the next month, Japan and the United States leaders decided to sign a new agreement. However, it was recognized that it was extremely meaningful to exchange opinions on bilateral relations including trade issues.

Prime Minister Abe and President Trump at the summit meeting over trade negotiations between Japan and the U.S. They agreed to hold talks, conclude negotiations and sign a new trade agreement.

The secretary of the secretary said at a press conference, “Both leaders are in agreement by accelerating the remaining work with the aim of signing the agreement in September. It was extremely meaningful to reaffirm the bonds of the Japan-US alliance and exchange opinions on bilateral relations, including trade issues, and various international community issues. "

In addition, the reporter group asked that the handling of automobile tariffs that Japan is seeking to abolish has become a continuous discussion, “Was it pushed to the US side?” “There is no point at all.”

On the other hand, the Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretariat said, “The United States has taken measures under Article 232 of the Trade Expansion Act” regarding whether or not the United States will invoke additional tariffs and “quantity regulations” based on Article 232 of the Trade Expansion Act. We have confirmed that there is nothing, including the exchange at the Japan-US summit meeting last September. "

In addition, Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretariat said that North Korea ’s ballistic missile was launched, “Regarding North Korea ’s short-range missiles and flying objects, Prime Minister Abe violated the UN Security Council resolution. During the summit meeting, we shared the awareness of North Korea ’s missile development issues between the two countries. ”