Is bullying and disappearing with "handshake"? August 26, 15:48

I want to get up at an elementary school. The teacher called both together and opened a “reconciliation party”. The child who was bullied was unable to express his opinion, but the last thing the teacher wanted was a handshake between them. The child then went out of school. (Social Department reporter Chieko Katsumata)

Mother and child bullying to my child begins

I heard this story when I interviewed a mother-child incident in Sendai last year. The reason why her mother died with her 2nd grade daughter was bullying her daughter. It was a death that was chosen after I felt isolated from the parents and others, even if I asked the school and the Board of Education many times to respond.

An incident that cannot be done too much. When I was interviewing, "What was the truth?" I learned that my mother had 170 notes written in her lifetime.

There were details of the bullying that the daughter was likely to hit or ignored while she was going to school, as well as the exchanges with the school and the school board. I caught my eye on the description.

That was the response that the school took after the mother who knew her daughter's bullying and told her the fact, that is, the “Reunion Party”.

The daughters were gathered with two bullying children and asked to express their opinions. So what the daughter felt was written in the notebook.

“At that time, I was crying and I couldn't give my opinion. The teacher shook my hand that I pulled back so that I didn't want to shake my hand.

In addition, the words from the teacher were also written.

"I'm done with shaking hands, so let's end that."

I read this and thought "I can't believe it". The victim side and the perpetrator side are asked for opinions in the same space, and immediately after that, “shake hands” and make up.

That may be enough, but if you become a bullied child, you won't be struck. In fact, after this handshake, she continued to appeal for bullying, and the school tended to be closed. About this, the husband of the deceased mother also talks about the inside of the chest as follows.

(Husband) “Is this the limit of bullying guidance? The content of the reconciliation meeting has passed through dissatisfaction, and there is only resentment.”

To the result that the teacher is chasing

This school response to bullying. At first, I thought it was a special case. However, I met a boy who had a similar experience even during the bullying I interviewed shortly thereafter.

A 10-year-old boy living in Kanagawa Prefecture. I was bullied by classmates who were beaten or kicked every lunch break. When I told the teacher about it, he said, “I will tell you when you are done next time.” The boy believed in the word and went to the teacher with his courageous child. However, the teacher told them to shake hands and said, “You ’re getting along.”

(Boy) “That didn't stop bullying. After that, I was kicked and beaten, and I was sad and sad.”

The boy eventually decided to transfer. At that time, I felt that a letter addressed to the school told the boy's regret.

“I had a lot of scary feelings. No one freaked me out. So I wanted to go differently.”

Double wounded children

Is this correspondence strange? I asked the experts for their opinions. We heard from Kazuaki Izawa, representative of the “Let's protect children from bullying” on board bullying consultations.

(Mr. Izawa) “In the process of discussing with the children, the victim is asked why he was bullying the victim. The only one who was bullied at the end was bad. I'm going to shake hands. This tells me that I didn't tell you that bullying can be worse, but not better. "

The country says that it is left to school decision…

Children who are bullied and are further hurt by this unreasonable response at school. In the first place, is this school's response appropriate as a means to resolve bullying? I was in charge of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Then, he replied, “The country does not recommend“ reconciliation ”.” On the other hand, he replied that “bullying is left to the school because the necessary responses differ depending on the case”.

I was surprised when I heard this answer. Since the bullying suicide of junior high school students in Otsu City that occurred in 2011, the country should have been focusing on countermeasures independently, such as developing the “Promotion Prevention Law for Bullying Prevention”.

Therefore, I read a 50-page document called “Basic Policy for Prevention of Bullying” that was revised two years ago by the government. Then, the following sentence was written there.

“Thoroughly protect the affected children” “Instruct the perpetrated children in a resolute attitude with educational considerations”

And such a word was written.

"Bullying simply has an apology and cannot easily be resolved."

Do you have the same experience?

Bullying interviews tend to be after the worst. However, when I really think about what will drive my children, I think it is very important to know how to deal with bullying at schools like this.

We will continue to interview. We look forward to hearing from you all who have had the same experience. Write "#Do you bully by shaking hands?" http: // WWW3. nhk. or. jp / newspost / form. html