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US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron at the G7 summit in Biarritz on August 25th. REUTERS / Philippe Wojazer

The passage by Biarritz Iranian Foreign Minister has surprised more than one and including the United States. Anger, frustration, jealousy ... Donald Trump did not let anything appear.

With our correspondent in New York , Céline Bruneau

" No comment ". This is the only reaction of the US President Sunday to the Iranian irruption to the G7 . Donald Trump had been warned in person by Emmanuel Macron hours before the arrival of Javad Zarif.

If the White House tenant remained calm, some of his advisers showed their dissatisfaction at being informed so late of this visit. And to see the declared enemy of Washington welcomed with open arms by France and its European allies, under their noses and even as Javad Zarif has been the subject for three weeks of US sanctions.

Americans who did not have to appreciate either the Iranians' categorical refusal to meet President Trump or members of his team despite foot calls.

While waiting for an edgy tweet from the US president, the latter wanted birthday to stars on the social network and congratulated a political columnist Fox News, his favorite channel, for his recent engagement.

We have to wait to see if the information that will be provided to the Iranian Foreign Minister on the discussions on the file yesterday will allow or not to start further discussions. In any case, we all agree that any further effort is worthwhile to try to renew the dialogue.

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor

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