Saitama Prefecture Governor Ueda "Ono's election is a collaborative evaluation with the current prefectural government" August 26, 18:08

Governor Ueda of Saitama Prefecture said that Mr. Motohiro Ono, who was supported by 4 opposition parties and Mizuki, won the first election in the Saitama governor election, which was voted on the 25th. , The attitude of cooperation with the current prefectural government was evaluated. "

Governor Ueda at the regular meeting on the 26th said that Mr. Ohno, who was supported by the 4 opposition parties in the Saitama governor's election, won, “It was a challenge to increase the name recognition, but the strategy to switch Ueda support to Ohno support Mr. Ohno's personal and administrative experience and politics, as well as his attitude in conjunction with Ueda prefectural government, were evaluated. "

As for Mr. Ohno's future prefectural management, he said, “It is important to listen to each citizen's voices directly, and it will be exhausted from the perspective of the citizens.”

On the other hand, as for his future political activities, he simply stated that he would like to keep the governor working hard until the 30th of this month.