August 26, 2019 "Grillini and Northern League have failed, it seems obvious to me. Where they thought they were going. I'm not even disappointed because only those with expectations can express disappointment. I had none. That government contract was totally unrealistic. Salvini and Di Maio had irreconcilable agendas. How do you keep flat tax, 100 share and citizenship income together? ".

From the pages of the Sheet, Urbano Cairo, president of Rcs, launches a sort of political manifesto and while admitting that, "at the moment" the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking the field does not touch it, it leaves an open window.

"I was planning - he explains - to climb to RCS for 10 years, without ever saying a word to anyone, in absolute secrecy. One day I realized it. Dreams are not revealed in advance: they are put into practice". , Cairo says: "they made us lose 15 months, in the meantime the economy has stagnated, and even in foreign policy we have not made a great impression". Matteo Salvini is "perfect for election campaigns, but governing is all about another thing "while Luigi Di Maio, according to Cairo, is" without experience, he never studied and never made the mess ".

Cairo does not hear the new Berlusconi: "I am not and I will never be the knight's heir. I am very different from him. To be even clearer: I do not live waiting to receive some investiture, nor I intend to assume the guide to existing parties that have been through a parabola filled with successes and failures. In life you can't take someone else's place ... If you want to take the big step, you give life to a new creature, the s' invents completely ".