Biarritz (AP) - A kisses on the left, a peck on the right: The G7 participants seem to have arrived really in the host country France.

There one is greeted and bid farewell "Bise", two breathy kisses in the direction of both cheeks. Especially on photos of the Bussis between US President Donald Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) as well as Trump's wife Melania and the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was joked in social networks.

Merkel and Trump greeted each other at the shooting of the G7 "Family Photos" on Sunday evening quite sober with a handshake. Then Trump Merkel gave a smack on the left cheek - and after a short hesitation in the French style on the right cheek. However, Trump has to practice a little: Mostly, the French only make a kiss sound in the air and touch the cheeks slightly or not at all.

Also "First Lady" Melania was greeted with kisses during the shoot of Trudeau - which was captured by the photographers. The wives of the summit participants were asked to pose for the "family photo" of the top meeting.

"The kiss is the biggest news of the G7 summit," wrote a user on Twitter. The excitement about the picture may also be because the two are well taken and look a bit in love. Trump seems to be jealous. But who looks at the scene, sees that the impression is deceptive. Melania and Donald Trump hold hands all the time.