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It is the end of a very long wait in the DRC. Prime Minister Sylvestre Illunga Illunkamba finally unveiled the composition of his government tonight at around 5 am, Kinshasa time, three months after his appointment and seven months after the inauguration of President Tshisekedi. It has been a long and difficult process to form a coalition government between the platforms of President Tshisekedi and former President Kabila, which has retained a majority in Parliament.

It is a government with 76.9% of personalities who have never taken part in a government.

And as expected, it is Joseph Kabila's Common Front for Congo (FCC) that retains the majority of positions, even though they have most often been attributed to relatively new figures at this level of responsibility, even though note, however, the presence of some caciques as Minister Azarias Ruberwa Manywa who inherits the Decentralization or Steve Mbikayi Mabuluki who was in the outgoing government. Steve Mbikayi will be in Humanitarian Affairs.

The Cach in the Interior

As for the regal posts, we remember that the Coalition for Change (Cach) and the FCC decided to separate. Ex-President Kabila retains control over the justice he entrusts to one of his lieutenants, Celestin Tunda Ya Kasende, as well as the Defense that returns to Aimé Ngoy Mukena.

As expected, President Tshisekedi's Cach platform is laying hands on the Interior, entrusted to Gilbert Kankonde Malamba, a faithful of the current head of state, who until now was national secretary in charge of his party's external relations. Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS). The head of state also gets foreign affairs where he places a woman, Marie Tumba Nzeza, a little known personality.

17% of portfolios to women

Note that the highly strategic and coveted Ministry of Finance returns to José Sele Yalaghuli, considered a close relative of former Prime Minister Matata Ponyo.

A government in which 17% of the portfolios were awarded to women. " This is not enough ," admitted the Prime Minister who explained however that this small proportion was weighted by the quality of the portfolios attributed to certain female personalities in this government.

The complete list of the government

►Are appointed Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers to the functions:

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, Security and Customary Affairs, Mr. Gilbert Kankonde Malamba

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and Minister of Justice, Mr. Célestin Tunda Ya Kasende

Deputy Prime Minister, Budget Minister, Jean Baudouin Mayo Manbeke

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Planning, Mrs. Elysée Munembwe Tamukumwe

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure and Public Works, Willy Ngoopos Sunzhel

►The following are appointed ministers of state and ministers:

Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marie Tumba Nzeza

Minister of State, Minister for International Cooperation, Regional Integration and Francophonie, Mr. Pepin Guillaume Manjolo Buakila

Minster of State, Minister of Hydrocarbons, Mr. Rubens Mikindo Muhima

Minister of State, Minister of Decentralization and Institutional Reforms, Mr. Azarias Ruberwa Manywa

Minister of State, Minister of Water Resources and Electricity, Mr. Eustache Muhanzi Mubembe

Minister of State, Minister of Employment, Labor and Social Welfare, Ms. Nene Nkulu Ilunga

Minister of State, Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education, Mr. Willy Bakonga Wilima

Minister of State, Minister of Gender, Family and Child, Ms. Beatrice Lomeya Atilite

Minister of State, Minister of Urban Planning and Housing, Mr. Pius Muabilu Mbayu Mukala

Minister of State, Minister of Communication and Media, David Jolino Diwanpovesa Makelele ma-Muzingi

►The following are appointed ministers:

Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Aimé Ngoy Mukena

Minister of Public Service, Mrs. Yollande Ebongo Bosongo

Minister of Finance, Mr. José Sele Yalaghuli

Minister of National Economy, Mrs. Acacia Bandubola Mbongo

Minister of the Portfolio, Mr. Clement Kuete Nymi Bemuna

Minister of Foreign Trade, Mr. Jean Lucien Bussa Tongba

Minister of Mines, Mr. Willy Kitobo Samsoni

Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Technologies of Information and Communication, Augustin Kibassa Maliba

Minister of State, Minister of Health, Mr. Eteni Longondo

Minister of Human Rights, Mr. André Lite Asebea

Minister of Relations with Parliament, Mr. Déogratias Nkusu Kunzi Bikawa

Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Mr. Claude Nyamugabo Bazibuhe

Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Didier Mazengu Mukanzu

Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Jean Joseph Kasonga Mukuta

Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, Mr. Jonathan Bialosuka Wata

Minister of Rural Development, Guy Mikulu Pombo

Minister of Social Affairs, Mrs. Rose Boyata Monkaju

Minister of Humanitarian Actions and National Solidarity, Mr. Steve Mbikaki Mabuluki

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