“We really need an airplane for regional and interregional lines ... because we have a huge country, distances are long, roads are bad, and there aren’t enough helicopters ... We are now restoring base airports, restoring small airports, and, accordingly, we need equipment” - said Drozdenko.

The expert noted that at the moment there are two such class of aircraft: "An-2, reliable and well-planned, and the L-410 aircraft, which has established itself well."

“But we need lower-class airplanes, which are more adapted to work at field airfields. That is, this is a very good initiative, ”he concluded.

Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the development of a new regional aircraft, which should come to replace the An-2.

The new aircraft will be used in regional and interregional passenger air transportation. The Ministry of Industry and Trade believes that it should improve the transport accessibility of remote regions of the country.