For the last Sunday of August, the weather will be sunny over a very large part of the country, except the west, where the sky will be cloudy.

Sunday at dawn, the grisaille will be well established from south of Toulouse to the foothills of the Pyrenees, from Aquitaine to the Charentes to Brittany, on the plain of Roussillon also, says the bulletin of Météo-France published Saturday afternoon.

Rising temperatures

This greyness will dissipate everywhere in the morning with the exception of Brittany where it will persist a good part of the day. Everywhere else, the sun will largely dominate even though clouds of altitude will parade over the western half of the country in particular, and cumulus clouds will burst on the mountains in the afternoon, bringing showers sometimes punctuated by a thunderclap on the relief of the Southern Alps as well as in Corsica.

The maximum will be between 21 to 23 on the coasts of the Channel, 24 to 27 in the interior of Brittany, from 28 to 33 in general, they will reach up to 35 to 37 in the Center-Val de Loire region .