Olympic and Para athlete bus transport test The number of production will be further examined further on August 26 at 6:22


A transport test assuming the opening ceremony of the next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics was held in Tokyo on the 25th night. The buses that transported the players moved smoothly from the athlete village to the New National Stadium, but the tournament committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government I will consider further.

Since the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games next year will be held at the New National Stadium, we are considering transporting athletes by bus from the athlete village under construction in Harumi, Chuo-ku through the Metropolitan Expressway.

On the night of the 25th, a test was conducted on the assumption of transportation by bus, and 75 buses departed from the Athletes Village after 6:50 pm and moved approximately 20 km through the Metropolitan Expressway and Rainbow Bridge.

The buses were mixed with ordinary vehicles and arrived at the New National Stadium one after another in about 30 minutes, which was 10 minutes shorter than originally expected.

Aoyama, where the traffic control was carried out for around 4 and a half hours from around 6:30 pm in the vicinity of the new national stadium as a result of this transport test, the traffic volume was relatively high, and a dedicated lane for competition-related vehicles was established. The street was temporarily crowded, but there was no major disruption.

This test was done with 75 buses, but at the Rio de Janeiro tournament it was reported that about 300 buses were used to transport the opening ceremony players.

For this reason, the Organizing Committee and the Metropolitan Government will further consider the necessary number of buses and traffic regulations based on the results of this test.