The government began military training in Dokdo for two days starting this morning. It has been three days since the decision to end the Korea-Japan Military Information Protection Agreement, Jisomi. For the first time in the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, they also participated in Army special forces and cutting edge Aegis ships.

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King Sejong, the Aegis ship of the Navy's 7th Mobile Task Force, passes through Dokdo by crossing the waves.

Heavy-armed Navy SEW troops traverse Dokdo in turn.

Dokdo defense training began in earnest this morning.

This training, which will continue until tomorrow, is called the 'Donghae Territory Guard Training'.

The navy, who led the training, says it is to emphasize its willingness to defend sovereignty over Ulleungdo and other East Sea territories.

As the operational radius widens, the training has doubled the previous year.

Ten aircraft, including the Navy, Navy and Navy ships, and F-15K fighter jets were deployed.

For the first time in the Marine Corps, the Army Special Forces are also involved in the training of 3D Navy.

[Cha Dong-gil / Dankook University Military Department Professor: By cultivating joint operational capabilities, we will be able to increase our ability to respond in case of emergency such as (we) airspace or territorial sea invasion in other countries.]

Dokdo defense training has been conducted twice since 1986, divided into the second half of each year.

Our military has been postponed for more than two months, considering the impact this year, which was originally scheduled for June, on the relationship between Korea and Japan.

(Image editing: Park Jin-hoon)