Three days after the declaration of the Korea-Japan military information protection agreement, the military entered into full-scale training on Dokdo. It was named the East Sea Territorial Training and mobilized the largest troops and equipment of all time.

This is a report from a clinical reporter.


Our military went on to defend Dokdo this year for two days from today (25th) morning to tomorrow.

It has been three days since the Blue House declared its end of the Korea-Japan Military Information Protection Agreement.

To further emphasize the willingness to protect territorial seas in East Sea, including Dokdo, the name of the training was also called 'East Sea Territory Training.

The training scale is also the largest ever.

In addition to naval vessels and aircraft leading the training, the army will also be the first to join the Marines, Marines and Air Force.

The military has put off training that was originally scheduled for June, considering the impact on the relationship between the two countries.

The Pentagon has maintained ambiguity until recently, considering the timing and size of training.

However, it appears that Japan has started training in full force as it has not shown signs of easing economic retaliation, such as refraining from whitelist exclusion.

It is the second response card to Japan's offensive following the end of the Military Information Protection Agreement.

In addition to Japan's denial of Korea's sovereignty over Dokdo, security measures by neighboring countries, including the recent invasion of Dokdo by the Russian military aircraft, are also considered.